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Dec. 1st, 2006

It's December 1st, and that means that yet again it is World AIDS Day. This marks the 25th anniversary since the first reported case of AIDS, and now another year has passed and unfortunately not much has changed.

The Human Rights Campaign has a great TAKE ACTION form on its site, urging people to send a few words to their political leaders in Congress, and I love the gist of the sample idea letter they provided.

"In commemoration of World AIDS Day, I write to you to urge you to re-commit to making HIV/AIDS a national priority. As the epidemic continues to devastate communities around our nation, particularly communities of color, we must harness all possible resources to prevent new infections, provide access to quality care and treatment, and boost research to find a cure.

Unfortunately, our nation's response to the epidemic has been inadequate. Many current prevention policies are based on ideology rather than sound science. The only current federal funding available for sex education in schools mandates the teaching of abstinence-only until marriage. These programs forbid instructors from discussing HIV prevention strategies, such as condoms, and have been found to have gross medical inaccuracies.

When 20,000 American youth contact HIV each year, we cannot afford to be withholding critical information that could save lives."

So true. Faith and ideals aren't going to stop the spread of AIDS. Only research and prevention... or rather, money is. I sent a letter to my congressman, and hopefully others will do the same so that by next December 1, we'll have something to show for a year's work.